Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 weeks!

Two weeks from today I will be in Ireland!!! =) Not fair that Michigan is having all this nice weather to tease me before I leave! Got most of my stuff for my trip that I need. Had a lot of fun going shopping with Chuck, we always have the best time together! She's gonna miss me, but pssh who wouldnt!? =P Haha Totally kidding! I'm not stuck on myself like that.

I ended up buying a tour guide book of Ireland, then I took it back. haha I didnt really need it. I looked through it and got what I wanted out of it then brought it back. I should have just did that at the store...but I like to be complicated at times. Chuck found a euro 5 cent and a 2 pence coins and gave them to me. She said buy her something with it....I'll bring her back a rock and that should about cover that. However, I dont have a good record with getting rocks. Last time I took some in Myrtle Beach from someones front lawn landscape...and they had cameras. So for all I know I could be on America's Most Wanted! I'll have to be in disguise when I leave the country. =)

So my mom asked me the other night if I was nervous for my trip to Ireland. I told her no not really and she proceeds to go on with "Well I have heard and seen a lot of plane crashes on the news lately...." THANKS MOM FOR MAKING ME EVEN MORE NERVOUS FOR FLYING!

I'm gonna update tomorrow with my list of packing items that I wrote down and then see if I need anything else.

Did I mention I bought super cute high heel shoes for 5 dollars yesterday? Yes I did! And 7 pairs of jeans for 5 bucks a piece. That is what I call a bargain!!! =)

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