Thursday, June 10, 2010

sorry for the delay of updates!

Wow, time sure is flying by! The plan was to update this every night....but the days go by so fast that befor you know it its after midnight and its time for bed. I am having the best time of my life.I am staying on a farm in County Galway and it is great I seriously dont remember ever being this happy. It is so surreal to be in the country where my ancestors came from. At the end of my trip I will be in Killough for a day which is near Belfast and that is where the Hale side came from. I'm really looking forward to it, plus all the sites I will get to see. The Irish are the friendliest people I have ever met!

I arrived on Sunday the 6th of June....ok now I am starting to talk like I’m from Europe. Haha I was welcomed to Dublin with rain. But I didnt care! I was happy to finally be in Ireland and the feeling of one of my dreams coming true was amazing. Of course it took forever to unload the plane (I was second to last row on plane, go figure) and then get through customs. James and his sister Felicity came to pick me up. We left the airport to head to Galway and I did something I never thought I would do in my life. I rode in a Toyota. Lol Actually a Toyota with the stearing wheel on the opposite side and driving on the opposite side of the road as well. Compared to here Michigan has the straightest roads in the world! The lanes are so tiny too! I’d say one lane in the USA equals to both lanes here. Kinda scary but i’m getting used to it. I am still working on James with the Chevys though. I scared him when he took me to see Athenry castle. I screamed “Oh my Gosh theres a Chevy!!!” when I saw the first Chevy riding around. Haha The total count of Chevys I’ve seen on the road is 2. I’d say there the best cars on the road. =P

When I got to James’s house I was greeted by his mom, granny, and brother. I was showed my room and then we sat down and had an Irish breakfast. It was really good. I didnt eat one thing though because I had no idea what it was and didnt want to be rude and ask. I am sharing a room with Felcity. I got my own bed and everything. It is soooooo comfortable. If I could take it home with me I would. Haha I am having a blast sharing a room with her though. We’ve stayed up late talking and what not and its been great. I just hope I havent snored while sleeping. Haha I would feel really bad if I woke her up from that. I actually make my bed every morning too. I’m hoping my parents dont read this so they wont make me start doing the same when I get home. It’s just so much easier to make the bed at other peoples houses. =) I was given a tour of the farm and saw all the animals. I was introduced to all the horses then Feclity showed me the cows and the bull. Kinda scary to be so close to a bull. I wasnt wearing red though! haha My favorite part was the horses. I always wanted one growing up so it was really cool to see so many. Bomber, Tyson, and Sally are my favorites. Last night when I went out in the fields to see them James and I were laughing because they all came running towards us. Then Tyson and Bomber had a little spat but was very cute when they were making up. Sally looked a little left out so I was talking to her for a few minutes. I felt so small standing next to the horses though.

My second day here James took me into Galway and showed me his school. NUI Galway. Then we walked into the city to see a powerboat race festival, but we didnt see much because it was raining. I now see why the only thing James told me to bring was a raincoat. =) I WAS SOAKED! Haha I had to changed when we got back to the house. But I had so much fun walking around despite the rain. I am in Ireland! It didnt bother me at all. James and I stopped into a place called The Cellar and grabbed a coke to get out of the rain for a little bit. For a glass of coke it was €2.70 and you dont get refills. It made me appreciate the free refills at home. Which I know sounds funny. I think the highlight of the walk around Galway was what someone had spray painted on a bench. It said “Obey the rules Canada!”. No idea what it was there for but it made me laugh because someone was hating on the Canadians. Then James and I went into town and bought the movie Billy Madison. He never even seen it before. I also saw where James went to elementary school and was very disappointed. There was no playground in sight!!! He laughed at me because I was upset about it. All my good memories of school back then were on the playground.

My third day James and I took the train into Dublin. It was so fun! It is a lot nicer than having to drive. I definitely think the USA should have more transportation like that. The scenery was beautiful driving by as well. I soaked it all in on the way to Dublin but on the way back I took a few pictures. TONS of sheep everywhere as well as cows. Unfortunately I havent seen any goats so my sister will be disappointed. After we got off the train in Dublin we took the LUAS to O’Connell St....I think....I’m trying to sound smart at the moment. We walked up and down that then went on one of the Dublin Bus Tours. It showed 23 of the most visited places in Dublin and you could get off and on whenever you wanted for the whole day. We ate Lunch at McDonalds. I was amazed because it was 4 stories high and it didnt look like a McDonalds. The nuggets even tasted different. James and I both got Happy Meals. We got funny looks by the lady taking our order but I owed him a Happy Meal...which I dont remember the reason for it, but it was fun to be a kid again and eat one and get the toy. I am saving mine for Seth. James enjoyed playing with his. Haha After that we hopped back on the bus and went around Dublin some more. My favorite spot in Dublin is the St. Patrick Cathedral. It is AMAZING!! The little park next to it was amazing as well. James and I literally sat in the park for at least 2 hours just talking. I saw a little girl about 2 or 3 with her little raincoat on and boots jumping in puddles, a guy and his son chasing each other around, couples walking around holding hands. It was a magical place. The fountain in the middle was beautiful too. James threw a penny in there and made a wish. Then it looked like a lady was trying to get money out of the fountain. Haha The Cathedral and the park was my favorite part of the whole day and I will never forget it!!! I never really thought of having a big wedding someday when the time comes, but seeing that church made me dream big.

Yesterday I slepted in really late. I woke up around 11 am I think. I had been getting up around 7:30- 8 am the few mornings before so it felt nice to sleep in. James and I took another trip into Galway and went to the university to try and print off our boarding passes for our trip to London on Sunday. James, Felicty, Matt, and myself are going to be going there for 3 days starting on Sunday. London is another place I have always wanted to go and see. The only thing left of Europe I really want to see now is Poland. I am really looking forward to London though. After that James drove around and showed me more of Galway and the edge of Connemara. BEAUTIFUL! This country is amazing. I cant wait to actually spend the day there. I definitely dont want to go back home. I do miss everyone, but I love it here.

Then so far this morning I just ran into town with James to get the paper and now I am updating all this while he is moving tires for the silage that is going to be cut tomorrow. He wont let me help. I offered several times to help him move them but he said I am on holiday and need to enjoy myself. I feel so lazy with him not letting me do anything. I cant even put my dishes in the dishwasher. He does all that for me. He is such a gentlemen, but I wont break if I help with anything.

The weather has been a little chilly. It’s hard to describe it though. It’s like a different chill then home. The sun is out and shining today but the breeze makes you need a sweatshirt. My first day here I was actually hot, which surprised me since it was only in the 60’s.

My phone dont work. Ireland only has 3 cell phone networks and none of them will let me use my phone. Didnt help that I lost it my first day here either. But I found it so its all good. =) James is letting me use his phone so I am only calling my parents every few days so I dont waste all his credits.

I pumped petrol (gas) into Jame’s truck last night. It was kinda cool to do that. The gas tanks are different and everything. Of course James took a picture of it and I wasnt thrilled so I look like an idiot!

I should probably end this for now. I know this is all over the place. I will hopefully be able to start updating every night now. Doubt I will be able to while in London though. I’m gonna go check on James and make a phone call home. Going on a date with James tonight to the movies. I hope he likes chick flicks! =)

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  1. Awwwww girl! You sound like you are having a blast!!! So happy for you!! :) I am totally jealous of you getting to be in Ireland though! I've wanted to visit there for like EVER! Sounds so exciting! :)