Saturday, June 12, 2010

Times flying by

I've been in Ireland 6 days now and its been incredible. Time is flying by so fast. Today I kinda helped cover a silage pit. Helped put the tarp on kinda and then put some tires on it. James and his family did most of the work. I felt more in the way. I never seen anything like it before so it was neat to see how it was all done. It sure is a messy job though. My attempt to throw tires on the top of the pit was a fail. Then when I was moving tires for the guys to throw up on top I got muck all over James. Everyone laughed including myself, but I still feel bad about it. I even got water all over myself as well. City girl trying to do things on a farm is pretty interesting. Then after the pit was covered today they were covering hay bales. It was so funny watching it because all the horses went to the fence where it was being done and was just watching it as well. I love being around the horses. Bomber is my favorite.

The past few days have been low key. Just doing random things around the house and area, Tomorrow James, Matt, Felicity and myself are heading to Dublin to head to London for 3 days. So the next time I update will be after London with I'm sure many pics to follow.

I did some wash today. My clothes are hanging up on the line as I speak. Its different that there isnt dryers but the hanging the clothes on the line isnt as bad as I thought. Kinda neat actually. Different, and thats the whole point of experiencing other countries. I even watched the parade for the Queen today on TV. It will be so awesome to see all of it tomorrow. =)

James and I are going to be running into Galway to walk around so I better end this. Were at his school right now printing off our boarding passes for tomorrow. 4 am is going to come very quickly!

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